Job Description:

*work out the quantity of materials needed for the job by taking surface measurements or by looking at job specifications or drawings.
* look at plans, measure and mark surfaces to be covered and lay out work.
* prepare wall and floor surfaces by removing old tiles, grout, cement and adhesive.
* fill all holes and cracks, and then clean surfaces.
* attach tiles to surfaces, using correct adhesive, making sure that patterned tiles match.
* use tile-cutting tools to cut and shape tiles needed for edges, corners, or around obstacles such as fittings and pipes.
* space and even the tiles by using tools such as spirit levels, squares and plumb-lines.
* prepare and apply grout, remove excess grout, clean and polish tiles.
* lay floors of cement, granolithic, terrazzo or similar composition.
* apply waterproofing systems

Job Offer

  • Salary: €500 per week
  • Contract type: Full time
  • Accomodation: yes, free of charge
  • own car and hand tools are a must
  • English / German - conversational level
  • at least 2 years experience

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