Job Description:

* To support the Nurse in Charge/Management by recognising tasks that may be delegated to
other carers or themselves.
* To act as a role model to all staff in the organization.
* To promote best practice in all aspects of the home's care delivery; this is to include care of
the environment, furniture and equipment.
* To work with the Nurse in Charge and their Senior colleagues to promote team working in the organization.
* To ensure every staff member on the unit is included in the team.
* To work constantly with new staff during their induction period.
* To allocate tasks, sometimes on a daily basis and to ensure they are carried out properly.
* To attend all management training where required and participate in the staff development program.
* To comply with all the health and safety regulations required by this position.
* To ensure that any defective equipment/building faults are reported promptly to your Manager.
* To communicate with internal and external agencies, staff, residents and their families, management and peers in a manner appropriate to your position at all times.
* To ensure that the corporate values of the company are actively promoted and followed at all
* To act in accordance with your confidentiality agreement with the company at all times.
* To follow all company policies and procedures.
* To support a culture that promotes teamwork and discourages divisiveness at all organisational levels.
* Ensuring someone is responsible for giving a handover to staff

Job Offer

  • Salary: £9.00 per hour
  • Contract type: Full time
  • Accomodation: yes £250 - £300 per month
  • English - conversational level

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