Job Description:

*Reviewing design plans to minimize the number of cuts and waste of wallboard.
* Measuring the location of electrical outlets, plumbing, windows, and vents.
* Cutting drywall to the right size, using utility knives and power saws.
* Fastening drywall panels to interior wall studs, using nails or screws.
* Trimming and smoothing rough edges so boards join evenly.
* Measure according to blueprints or drawings.
* Nail or screw supports.
* Put tiles or sheets of shock-absorbing materials on ceilings.
* Keep the tile in place with cement adhesive, nails, or screws.
* Prepare wall surface (wallboard) by patching nail holes.
* Apply tape and use sealing compound to cover joints between wallboards.
* Apply additional coats of sealing compound to create an even surface.
* Sand all joints and holes to a smooth, seamless finish

Job Offer

  • Salary: 525€ per week
  • Contract type: Full time
  • Accomodation: yes, free of charge
  • own car and hand tools are a must
  • English / German - conversational level
  • at least 4 years experience

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