Job Description:

*Remove grease, dirt, paint, and rust from equipment surfaces in preparation for paint application, using abrasives, solvents, brushes, washing tanks, or sandblasters.
* Pour paint into spray guns, and adjust nozzles and paint mixes in order to get the proper paint flow and coating thickness.
* Monitor painting operations in order to identify flaws such as blisters and streaks so that their causes can be corrected.
* Sand equipment surfaces between coats of paint and/or primer in order to remove flaws and enhance adhesion for subsequent coats.
* Disassemble, clean, and reassemble sprayers and power equipment, using solvents, wire brushes, and cloths for cleaning duties.
* Mask surfaces with tape or paper in order to protect them from paint.
* Spray prepared surfaces with specified amounts of primers and finish coatings.
* Allow the sprayed product to dry, and then touch up any spots that may have been missed.
* Fill small dents and scratches with body fillers, and smooth surfaces in order to prepare equipment for painting.
* Apply logos and safety decals to finished products * Paint by hand areas that cannot be reached with a spray gun.
* Dispose of hazardous waste in an appropriate manner.

Job Offer

  • Salary: €600 per week
  • Contract type: Full time
  • Accomodation: yes, free of charge
  • English / German - conversational level
  • at least 4 years experience

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