The best employees are needed to help your company grow. If you fail in the recruiting process, then that spells doom for your business. It could be challenging to find the best candidate for a particular job but we can help you handle all that as we are a recruitment company specializing in sourcing a broad range of skilled staff in Romania and sending them to the UK for work.

We have developed the right processes and skills that have helped us achieve tremendous success as regards recruiting the best hands for our clients. These processes have proven to be very effective in recruiting capable persons for the job.

If the right skills and processes are not used, business owners will definitely hire the wrong people. Before recruiting, there are things to look out for in terms of skills the prospective employee has such as their computer skills, their organizational skills, the applications or program they can work with, their communication skills (how fluent they are with the use of the English language), their graphics design skills and other general skills as it relates to the job they are applying for. Based on the job, we search for people who are team players and have the capabilities to lead, someone who is result oriented and is great with people.

Our processes are well outlined, we search for prospective employees based on result orientation, their process orientation, team and trust orientation as well as if their people oriented. All of these have their advantages as well as their disadvantages based on what the job entails. It might be very difficult to get an individual that possesses all these traits but we try as much as possible to make sure that the people we recruit meet well over 90% of the prerequisites.

People have different configuration, therefore one person might be appropriate for a particular job and might not be capable to handle other kind of jobs. We try not to mismatch people with the wrong job. After accessing individuals we categorize them based on their abilities and know where they will properly fit.

Sometimes, there is the temptation to recruit people that are recommended to you by friends or acquaintances; but most times they are not the best people to work with you. Our job is to properly screen every candidate for the job, making sure that only the best people are employed.