Is it Legal to Recruit EU Staff In The UK?

From 1 January 2014 Bulgarian and Romanian nationals have the same rights as other EEA nationals to live and work in the UK. However, like them, if you want to claim certain benefits you must show that you have a right to reside in the UK and that you intend to settle here and make it your home for the time being.

From 1st July 2018 Restrictions on Croatian nationals’ rights to work in the UK ended As a result Croatian nationals are now exempt from immigration control, can work in the UK without restrictions like other EEA Nationals, and can present their passport or national identity card to satisfy a right to work check

Are You Able to Provide Staff For Large Contracts at Short Notice?

Yes we are able to assist with all of your large contract needs. We have a large network of candidates ready to fly and begin work at short notice.

What Sectors Do You Cover?

We are able to source EU Staff for all Sectors. We have successfully placed Nurses, IT specialists, Warehouse Operatives, Admin Assistants etc. Please get in touch with your recruitment requirements and find out how we can assist you.

How Do You Screen The Staff?

Due to our offices being in both the UK and Romania we have the added benefit of being able to meet with all candidates and screen them prior to forwarding them. We have a strict interview process ensuring all staff are highly competent in English prior to forwarding them. We have a large network of staff in Romania, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy who wish to relocate.

I Have a Retained Client Looking For EU Staff, Can We Work Together?

Yes of course! We work with specialist recruitment firms to identify relevant candidates for specific roles that require our support and aid. By engaging in this split-fee placement process, any recruiter / firm wanting to partner with us will get access to a wider network while also being able to complete the goals they have agreed with their own clients.

How Long Does The Recruitment Process Take?

Depending on how specialist the role is that you are looking to recruit for, we can acquire you staff members extremely quickly due to our vast network. For more specialist IT roles the process may take a few weeks.

What Are Your Fees?

This very much depends on the candidate you are looking to find. To enquire about our fees please give us a call to discuss your recruitment needs in more detail

What documents do I need to start working?

1) For healthcare you will need 2 proof of ID, a proof of address, criminal record and references from your last 2 employers;

2) For warehouses you will need a valid national ID card;

How soon can I start working?

As long as you provide us all the necessary documents and you have the money for transport and food you can start ASAP.

Will someone pick me up from the airport?

Sometimes the employer will pick you up from the airport, but most of times you will have to make your own way to the accommodation after we give you all the information ( what bus/train you can take, where is the exact location, who will meet you at the house/hotel, etc).

How much will I earn and when will I receive the salary?

The salary will be discussed with you at the initial interview and will depend on the job you will be placed on; for every single job you will get at least the minimum wage. Salaries will be paid either monthly either weekly ( depending on the employment contract );

Will I have a full time contract?

Yes, we only deal with employers offering full time contracts.

Can you help me with the accommodation?

Most of the time the employer will find and initially pay for your accommodation and once you start receiving your salary they will deduct it.

Can I still be in touch with A Step Away even after the placement?

Of course. You can contact us anytime even after we placed you. If there is anything we can help you with we are always just a phone call / email away.