The symbiotic relationship between resources-seeking employers and A Step Away serves to accomplish goals and objectives of either side with great efficiency. By utilizing our services, an employer can accrue a wide range of benefits:

  • With constant changes in the market conditions and availability of talents, it becomes necessary to invest in regular research to create a reliable talent pool to draw from as and when needed. This means that there is a need to tap both active and passive candidates. A Step Away, with its excellent talent database and numerous recruitment tools at its disposal, will cater to even highly niche requirements in quick time.
  • By choosing to work with A Step Away, employers can bid goodbye to recruitment hassles and invest their time and resources in other valuable areas. With our intense research and background checks, employers can be assured of good retention levels together with superior quality of performance from candidates recruited through us.
  • Our multi-sector experience guarantees a thorough and comprehensive search to identify specific talents regardless of the industry in question.
  • From vetting CVs to initial screening on communication and competency test up until the on-boarding, the entire cycle of recruitment will be handled by highly trained recruiters at our offices in Romania and UK.
  • Our recruiters are constantly trained on state-of-the-art recruitment techniques to effectively counter challenges thrown by volatile markets.

We offer a simple and straightforward mechanism to hire skilled EU workforce within decided budgets and time frames.

How We Can Help

The recruitment industry is an extremely volatile one and is highly competitive. With numerous agencies vying against each other to impress clients and get the job done, the only way to stay ahead in the race is to accomplish the given task as quickly and as efficiently as possible, much before one’s competitors. Operating with twice the strength, both in terms of gaining requirements from clients and identifying perfect candidates for the jobs will certainly ensure success. This is exactly why A Step Away works with a multitude of recruiters and recruitment agencies across the EU in closing specific roles.

Split placements, as it is called, will work well for both A Step Away and the partner recruiting firm in accomplishing their individual financial and corporate goals quickly and effectively. We work with specialist recruitment firms in the UK to identify relevant candidates for specific roles that require our support and aid. By engaging in this split-fee placement process, any recruiter / firm wanting to partner with us will get access to a wider network while also being able to complete the goals they have agreed with their own clients. Both time and resources are greatly saved while you simultaneously get to compete with the best in business.

How it Works

If you or your team are blessed with great recruiting skills but are plagued by the presence of giants in business, it is a great time to attempt split placement with A Step Away. With our own team of expert recruiters, the age old adage of strength in numbers will be certainly proved. On acquiring a requisition from any client, details on the position can be shared with us, which will enable us to put in our own efforts in identifying a set of suitable candidates both from our existing database as well as through other efforts.

With access to an enhanced network, it is possible to up the quality of CVs while reducing the time and resources needed to arrive at them. While this is true for local recruitment firms as well, it works exceptionally well with overseas partners.

Recruiters and firms looking to avail the services of our expert recruiters in A Step Away, can get in touch with us for more information and to understand our process and procedures in this regard.

Why not go for a win-win when you have the opportunity to choose?