The Benefits

Technology has successfully brought the world together. With professional goals now crossing national borders, no longer are jobseekers content with opportunities in their home countries. For those jobseekers in EU who are looking to establish a great career for themselves by utilizing the numerous avenues available in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, A Step Away offers fantastic assistance.

By choosing to work with A Step Away, a jobseeker is entitled to an array of benefits.

We have a vast network and impressive access to a wide variety of sectors and industries in the UK, Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany. Unlike an individual search, our huge system of connections assures every job seeker a much better chance at identifying their dream job.

Our recruiters are immensely skilled at equating the right jobs with the right candidates, which means that, placements will be devoid of any discrepancies in terms of job description, role and the skill set of the candidate.

The job search process is bound to be much quicker and more efficient as we are well aware of the client requirements and our connections with the client will ensure a quicker movement and follow up of applications.

With relevant connections it is also possible for us to seek out the financial benefits a jobseeker is looking for.

All relevant papers, travel and employment documents and the requisite training will be provided beforehand and our multi-lingual staff will be able to assist with every process.

With A Step Away, job search has never been this easy or enjoyable.

How it works

The process in itself is extremely simple. All a jobseeker needs to do is connect with us and forward his or her CV to Every CV is vetted for specific skills and segregated accordingly. Our recruiters will then match CVs with the requisitions acquired from clients across sectors and business units and those CVs that are in line with specific requirements will be taken ahead after the jobseeker stamps his or her acceptance and interest.

After an initial screening and competence mapping, interviews will be conducted in accordance with client specifications and a final decision will be arrived at. Post financial discussions, reference checks and background verifications will be carried out and the candidate will be informed of the result immediately.

Jobseekers of both temporary-contractual and permanent kind can apply through our website and we will assure you of a great beginning to a fantastic career.