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In this intense and cut-throat business environment, obtaining skilled workforce that are both within the budgetary constraints of a company and that which satisfy the intricate job requirements in terms of education, experience and know-how, is a tremendous challenge. This is true for employers looking for talents both within and outside the UK. A Step Away aims to take up this challenge and accomplish it with élan.


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Alex is the Founder of A Step Away Solutions and at the core of the business. Starting his career in the Police Force in Romania, Alex quickly identified the need for strong reliable individuals to be on a team. This realisation naturally led him into Recruitment and sourcing spectacular individuals to grow a business. Having lived and worked in the UK Alex has first hand experience and knowledge that is invaluable to our candidates. He meets the candidates and qualifies them to ensure they are the right calibre for the job.


Technology has successfully brought the world together. With professional goals now crossing national borders, no longer are jobseekers content with opportunities in their home countries. For those jobseekers in Romania who are looking to establish a great career for themselves by utilizing the numerous avenues available in the United Kingdom, A Step Away offers fantastic assistance.